Title of Session:  Food Safety

Length of Session:  50 minutes, Friday, May 12 from 9:00am – 9:50am

Speakers and Bios: Marilyn Underwood, Contra Costa County | Dr. Jennifer van de Ligt is the Associate Director of the Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI) | Rance Baker is Program Administrator for the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)

Educational Objective: To understand the key strategic components of the Food Safety Modernization Act, including Food Safety Audits and how food sources are protected from intentional threats in a real world context.

Description of Session:  This panel discussion will address key components of the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act in terms of the intent of the act and its strategy for implementation.  The session will also address the goals and objectives of Homeland Security’s Food Protection and Defense Institute out of the University of Minnesota.  A real world perspective will be brought to the discussion by a representative private sector importer from the Port of Long Beach.  This will provide attendees with practical issues and solutions to the challenges facing industry in keeping food safe from intentional and unintentional hazards.

Anticipated Educational Outcomes for Session:  
1.    To learn about food safety challenges in our food system and how they are being met on a national and international scale.
2.    To learn about the strategic implementation of the FDA’s Food Safety and Modernization Act.
3.    To learn about seafood imports and the challenges associated with goods movement from a private sector perspective.
4.    To learn about intentional threats to our food supply on a global scale and the mitigative measures being implemented to address them.
5.    To learn three core motivators for food tampering.