Title of Session:  Social Enterprise Panel Discussion with Homeboy Industries and LA Kitchen

Length of Session:  50 minutes, May 11, 2017 from 3:55pm – 4:45pm

Speakers and Bios: Russ Parsons, Former Los Angeles Times Food Editor and Author; Arlin Crane, Homeboy Foods; Robert Eggers, DC Kitchen

Educational Objective: To learn about social enterprise organizations, which practice sustainable food sourcing and address food security issues in an urban environment.

Description of Session: An impactful panel discussion on how culinary training coupled with supportive programming can provide new hope for reformed gang members, previously incarcerated men and women, and emancipated foster youth and the communities they live in.  The social economic factors and methods for recruiting and retaining participants will be discussed.  Sustainable food sourcing and innovative approaches to addressing food insecurity will also be discussed. 

Anticipated educational outcomes for session:  
1.    To learn about innovative approaches in reaching out to at risk young men and women through extensive training in the food industry
2.    To learn about sustainable food sourcing.
3.    To understand challenges associated with food training programs.
4.    To learn about the innovative field of social enterprise and the accompanying challenges.