Title of session:  Designing a Renewable Food System
Length of session:
Friday, May 12, 2017 Keynote – 8:00am – 8:50am

Educational Objective: To explore approaches to designing a renewable food system by borrowing strategic approaches from the renewable energy sector and using regional governments to influence and amplify best practices.

Description of session:  A keynote address on designing a renewable food system.  This session will explore how our current food system can become more sustainable by pursuing successful strategies used in the renewable energy sector.  The renewable energy industry currently employs 6.5 million worldwide with $329 billion in investments in 2015, and a number of its effective strategies would adapt well to food system reform. As with renewable energy, regional metrics for food that support community, economic, and environmental health would strategically align policies, programs, and organizations toward those goals, as well as accelerate progress and encourage entrepreneurship. By turning the wheel of the existing system toward proportionally designed and well-supported regional targets, cities can lead a flexible, village-within-a-global-world framework that provides the responsiveness and resilience our communities deserve.

Anticipated educational outcomes for session:

•    Increased awareness of the renewable energy sector’s potential influence on approaches to a renewable food system.
•    Increased awareness on regional government’s leadership role in reaching values based procurement goals.
•    Increased knowledge of achieving best practices in food systems through the creation of coordinated networks.

Qualifications and resume of speaker/presenter:

2017 05 12 0800 Paula DanielsPaula Daniels is co- founder and Chair of the Center for Good Food Purchasing, a social enterprise non-profit founded in July of 2015 as a national spin off from the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, which Paula founded in 2011. Paula was also Executive Director of California Central, a USC Villaraigosa Initiative, from April of 2015 to June 2016. She is a public policy leader in environmental food and water policy, with recognition through academic appointments and other awards.

Building on a successful career as an attorney in civil litigation, she served as a Los Angeles Public Works Commissioner (a fulltime position overseeing the Department of Public Works) and then Senior Advisor to Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles. She has also been a commissioner with the California Coastal Commission, and a gubernatorial appointee on the governing board of the California Bay-Delta Authority. She was an appointee of Governor Brown to the California Water Commission, and served in his Office of Planning and Research as Senior Fellow for Food Systems, Water and Climate.