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2017 05 11 0945 Sarah RathboneSpeaker: Sarah Rathbone: Dock to Dish’s Co-Founder and Director of Operations Sarah Rathbone t discuss Dock to Dish and the important role of well-managed local seafood in an environmentally responsible seafood supply. Sarah Rathbone grew up on the shores of Cape Cod, where she developed her initial love of and fascination with everything marine. After working with commercial fishermen to collect data for her master’s thesis, she took to the high seas aboard a commercial lobster boat, the FV March Gale, as full-time crew. After realizing the expansive and unnecessary gap between the people who catch the fish and the people who love to eat it, she launched a Community Supported Fishery program to bring fish directly from the fishermen to her local consumer community. This program has evolved into her current partnership with Dock to Dish, which is the first Restaurant Supported Fishery in the U.S. Through Dock to Dish, Rathbone connects top chef members in Los Angeles to their local sustainable fishermen, providing complete traceability and the best seafood available within 24 hours of it hitting the dock.