Deema Tamimi Biography:

2017 05 11 1455 Deema Tamimi 250Deema’s an experienced product and marketing leader who's worked for several of the tech industry's hottest companies including Xbox (@Microsoft), YouTube (@Google) and most recently Flipboard, a leader in the mobile news app space. Her expertise spans performance marketing, product marketing, product management, and cross-functional team management with a strong focus on user growth and retention. She approaches problems with a scientific approach, including A/B testing, to develop well tested product flows and data-driven email and mobile push communications and systems.

Deema has had a longtime interest in agriculture and food and is now applying her skills and expertise from the tech sector to building and promoting products and solutions in the growing AgTech space. She believes that the product development, data analysis, and marketing methods used in the consumer tech space could help to catapult the agriculture sector forward and she is thrilled to apply her knowledge to something she cares about deeply.

Deema is now the CEO and founder of GivingGarden, a local Davis startup with a big, global mission to grow communities around food and food around communities. GivingGarden will be launching their first social gardening and local food app in the Spring of 2017.  The app will use real-time and crowdsourced data to help gardeners grow the right foods based on their location and community, will enable gardeners and local food lovers to give and get extra home-grown produce, and it will grow communities around food, through profiles and social tools. You can learn more about the app, the company and the founding team at

Deema is a Seattle native and UW grad, Deema now lives in Davis, California with her family of 4 humans, 7 chickens and a cat. She’s an aspiring storyteller and entrepreneur who leans in for equality, peace, love and happiness, and can make a mean gelato.