Title of session: The Growing Experience: An Urban Farm and Community Garden Tour

Length of session: Wednesday, May 10, 2017 from  9:00am – 1:30pm

Educational objective: To increase knowledge of how an urban farm operates and ensures that programs and activities are environmentally sustainable. 

Description of session:  Attendees will take an interactive walking tour of The Growing Experience, a 7-acre urban farm, located in North Long Beach within the Carmelitos public housing development.  The tour will showcase programs and activities that are environmentally sustainable such as aquaponics system which produces more fresh produce that the traditional growing methods.  In addition, attendees will learn about water and resource conservation as well as current and upcoming agricultural technologies integrated at The Growing Experience. 

Anticipated educational outcomes for session:
A.    To increase knowledge about innovative and efficient farming methods of an urban farm.  
B.    To identify at least one agricultural technologies used in an urban farm setting and how this benefits the communities it serves
C.    To identify at least one water and resource conservation methods used in an urban farm.
D.    To identify at least one research and implementation methods to increase productivity.  
E.     To increase knowledge of environmental sustainable practices such as utilization of aquaphonics systems and other methods.

2017 05 10 0900 Holly Carpenter 250Qualifications and resumes of speakers/presenters

Holly Carpenter Biography:

Holly Carpenter is the Program Manager of The Growing Experience of the Housing Authority of Los Angeles County.  Holly received her B.A. in Environmental Science and Policy from California State University, Long Beach. While earning her degree, Holly interned for the Energy Efficiency Department at Southern California Edison, specializing in projects exploring the relationship between water and energy. As a passionate advocate for environmental education, Holly became the Coordinator for the Center of Sustainability at Pepperdine University, managing daily operations and advancing campus sustainability through various projects, such as the development of a sustainable residence hall. Currently, Holly works as the Program Specialist at The Growing Experience Urban Farm in Long Beach, where she provides educational and volunteer opportunities to members of the underserved community and at-risk youth. In this role, Holly also supports the farm’s CSA program and develops educational opportunities for multiple grant-funded projects, including a state-of-the-art aquaponics system and urban food forest.