Title of Session: University of California Global Food Initiative – Feeding Eight Billion by 2025

Length of Session: Thursday, May 11, 2017 from  1:00pm – 1:50pm 

Educational Objective: To increase knowledge of current and innovative practices in food security initiatives, safe food concepts and sustainable practices.

Description of Session:  Attendees will learn about food insecurity and that lack of money or other resources limits college student’s access to adequate food.  The presentation will identify the University of California’s efforts in to better understand the scope and the increased concerns about food insecurity on its campuses.  The presenter will discuss UC’s Global Food Initiative and its efforts to address food insecurity as well as describe new collaborations among the campuses throughout California and beyond.  

Anticipated Educational Outcomes for Session:
A.    To define current and emerging food insecurity issues among college students throughout California and beyond.
B.    To increase knowledge about the University of California Global Food Initiative and its current and innovative efforts to address food insecurity among college students.
C.    To increase understanding about food insecurity and its potential to widen disparities in student’s academic achievement, overall health and future success.
D.    To increase knowledge of the first in-depth food security study of college students to understand the extent of food insecurity and identify effective responses. 

2017 05 11 1300 Katie MaynardQualifications and Resume of Speaker/Presenter - Katie Maynard:

Katie Maynard is the Event Manager for the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and has develop programs and initiatives to reduce the resource use and environmental impact of the UCSB campus.  She founded the UCSB Sustainability Internship Program which now supervises partners over 30 student leaders working with campus and off-campus partners. She oversees the training and of each intern and provide ongoing support to student leaders developing project ideas, identifying resources and connecting with staff and faculty partners. She also manages budget for the internship program, work with faculty to infuse sustainability into existing curriculum and academic programs, and staff the Academic Senate Working Group on Sustainability.  Katie received her Bachelors of Arts in Biology from UCSB in 2005.