John Rogers Biography:

2017 05 12 1300 John RogersJohn Rogers served as the Environmental Health Division Chief for the Sacramento County Environmental Management Department from 2006 through 2015. He is a Registered Environmental Health Specialist and he has a Master’s degree in Public Health from Loma Linda University. John received the 2010-2011 Gary Erbeck Award for Food Safety Leadership, in part, for his role in facilitating stakeholders’ groups in the development of guidelines for the implementation of new California laws pertaining to the disclosure of nutritional information at chain restaurants, artificial trans fat ban, and food handler cards. He has also served on committees and made presentations on cottage food operations and food safety issues related to medical marijuana. John was the steering committee chairperson for the 2015 S3 Symposium in Sacramento.

John also served as the Environmental Health Director for Mendocino County from 1996-2006. He has been a member of the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) since 1996. John also served as the vice-chair of the Food Safety Policy Committee for CCDEH.