Title of Session: California Legislative Update

Speakers:  Justin Malan, CCDEH Executive Director (Moderator)

Length of Session: 50 min., 2:00pm – 2:50pm, Wednesday May 10, 2017

Description of Session:  Overview of current legislation in California legislature relating to S3 topic.  Presenter will outline key provisions of key bills and offer an analysis on implications to the food system, the shared economy and environmental public health community. 

Educational Objective:  Share proposals of statutory changes to California CalCode and other sections of law that are being contemplated.  The presentation will put the legislation into the political context in which CAEHA works in California Legislature.   
Input from attendees will be solicited to assist in identifying any considerations not taken into account in the discussions around these bills.

Anticipated Educational Outcomes for Session:  
•    Knowledge of main legislative proposals in California that may impact our food system, and food service in a changing economy;
•    Brief analysis of pros and cons for each key bill;
•    Overview of significant political considerations in taking positions on these bills; and
•    Opportunity for attendees to offer their perspectives on the legislative proposals