Title of Session:  Where do we go from Here?

Length of Session: 1 hour 10 minutes, 1:10pm – 3:00pm, Friday May 12, 2017

Speakers and BiosJohn Rogers, (retired) Sacramento County EH Director; Terri Williams, LA County EH Director, CCDEH President; Justin Malan, CCDEH Executive Director (Moderator)

Description of Session:  Interactive panel discussion that will receive input from audience and formulate actionable items for the registrants to consider taking after leaving the symposium.

Educational Objective: Conferences and symposia often end without developing clear outcomes or next steps to advance their purpose.  This panel will summarize the main “take-home” issues raised during the symposium and will offer some specific actions that local environmental health departments and other stakeholders can consider taking.

Anticipated Educational Outcomes for Session:  
•    Synthesis of key policy and practical issues relating to safety, access and sustainability of California’s food system;
•    Summary of highlights of presentations at S3 symposium;
•    Stimulating feedback from audience to help in formulation of actionable items to be taken after symposium; and
•    Initial prioritization of possible next steps by CCDEH and local environmental health regulators that could advance the goal of establishing a safe, secure/accessible and sustainable food system in California.