Title of Session:  Public Health Impacts of Genetically Modified Food Production

Length of Session: 50 minutes, 1:55pm – 2:45pm, Thursday May 11 

Educational Objective: To educate attendees on historic, legal and economic considerations of genetically modified foods. 

Description of Session:  A diverse panel of professionals will discuss historic, ethical, economic and health perspectives on GMO’s.  The panel will consist of a local chef, a plant geneticist and a community activist.  Multi-faceted questions on the impacts of GMO’s will be discussed, such as how GMO’s are influencing the economic organization of our food system and how GMO use on a large scale may be impacting the environment and public health.  Budgetary impacts on local farmers and industrialization of our food system will be covered during this session.  Legal, ethical and scientific aspects of GMO’s will be discussed via a question and answer session.  Ultimately, the central question this panel session will address is whether GMO’s are good for public health or ultimately create more harm than good. 

Anticipated Educational Outcomes for Session:  

1.    To learn about the broad range of genetically modified foods.
2.    To learn about different perspectives on genetically modified foods, such systemic economic impacts, health and environmental impacts and ethical considerations.
3.    To learn about the broad range of uses for GMO, such as pharmaceuticals and other uses.  
4.    To understand the legal perspectives on GMO’s; regulatory requirements, restrictions and other considerations such as labeling.

Qualifications and Resumes of Speakers/Presenters: 

Paula Daniels, Founder, Los Angeles Food Policy Council 

Chef Paul Buchanan, Primal Alchemy 

Dr. Alan McHughen, UC Riverside 

Zen Honeycut, Moms Across America