Food Symposium Target Audience:                                                  

  • State wide Public health professionals including dietitians, nutritionists, public health nurses, health officers, environmental health specialists, epidemiologists
  • Agricultural commissioners & their staff
  • Food and sea food industry specialists including farmers, growers, producers, distributors & retailers
  • Restaurateurs, markets & chefs
  • Food systems experts, analysts & advocates
  • Academia, including college students

S3 Competencies to be developed:

  • Understand the connection between agriculture, food & health.
  • Explore the public health impact of food systems.
  • Investigate the role of public health in promoting an S3 food system.
  • Discover solutions to a more safe, secure & sustainable food system to protect public health.
  • To provide information to decision makers on the various food safety impacts of environmental health to assist with food safety policy and legislation.